About Blessed

Ray Zavala is an experienced barber in EL Paso Texas who travels all over the country to many different Barber Expos, Barber Colleges and Barber Studios to pass on his knowledge trough presentations ans as a speaker too. With all this experience in cutting hair, facial hair treatments and Barber Studio sessions he has developed Barber Shop and Barber Studio products to not only help Barbers across the country, but to also enhance the clients experience as well.

He has designed Razor Holders, Hair Clippers, Scissors, Hair and Beard Products;and there is more to come! He designed all his products with not just the barber in mind, but the client as well! Papito wants everyone to have the best hair cut design experience possible. When the barber studio tools, barber shop resources and hair and beard product are designed and created with experience and care to deliver? the outcome is incredible, so with all these ideas and tools in motion you will never want to anywhere else.
Ray is committed to putting El Paso Texas on the map when people think of Hair Cuts, Line Ups, Eyebrow Treatments, Beard Sessions and everything else we do at Blessed Barber Studio. So whether you are a Barber or a client looking for the best possible products, don’t hesitate, click on the link above and order your products today! There are all kids of specials always going on so get yours today!